Nutritional information


Quality products

• A 9” veggies pizza slice has only a 6 gr.fat content.

• Our all-dressed pizza combined ingredients from the four food groups as recommended by the Canadian’s Food Guide.

• All of our 9” pizza provides 100% daily calcium needs.

• Two slices of our 9” veggie pizza provides 100% daily vitamin C needs.

• We use sea salt as seasoning.

• Our pizza dough is trans fat free.

• Our peperoni has only 18% of fat (compared to 40% in most popular brand marks).

• We only use 18% low-fat cheese.

• Our French fries are 50% less fat that ordinary French fries.

• Choosing pizza for a meal is an healthy way to diversify your menu.

• All our pizzas are hand-tossed and made at the restaurant with natural unblanched flour.

• All our pizzas are without added sugar.

• In our pizza dough, we use 100% pure canola oil which is a good source of omega-3 & omega-6.