1. Why choosing a pizza as a healthy choice?

Réponse: Nowadays, people are more and more concerned about their eating habits, their health and the health of their family. This is why we, at PIZZA SALVATORÉ®, are always looking for ways to improve our pizzas that is perfectly adapted to the lifestyle of people concerned with eating healthy food.
To obtain more information about ours healthy products, consult the nutrition section on the web site.

2. What's up with Salvatoré franchises?

    *12 franchises in operation in the Quebec province
    *PIZZA SALVATORÉ® is the widest Quebec franchise network specialized in delivery service.
    *PIZZA SALVATORÉ® is the leader of pizza delivery in the Quebec province.

3. How PIZZA SALVATORÉ® settles so easily in the markets where it sets up?

    * Pizza Salvatoré® provides management support to franchisees for a good start.
    * Pizza Salvatoré® provides a detailed and directive Franchisee’s Operation Manual.
    * Pizza Salvatoré® offers an exceptional quality/ quantity /price ratio
    * Pizza Salvatoré® has a free delivery service.
    * Pizza Salvatoré® offers a dynamic advertizing program giving you good fame.


4. Why franchisees join the Pizza Salvatoré®  family?

    * Quality products
    * Operations made easy
    * Low investment
    * High profits
    * Protected territory
    * Well-established concept since 1964
    * Two-weeks training session at our Salvatoré® School Restaurant


5. Is there a training session?

Yes, before managing your restaurant, you will attend an intensive training course at the head office and, in restaurant, teaching you the operations of a PIZZA SALVATORÉ®’s restaurant from every angle
Salvatoré® two weeks training is held at the head office of PIZZA SALVATORÉ® and at our school restaurant. During the training, the technical and practical sides are always alternated so you can put into practice what you have learned in class. Salvatoré® training consists in preparing Salvatoré® pizzas, managing personnel and restaurant’s finance as well as learning marketing’s essentials. In addition, we will teach you the policies and procedures provided by the Franchiser and the security rules to be applied to a restaurant.

6. What is the support of the head office?

After your training, the head office team will support you in each step of starting your enterprise starting up. Moreover, that support is continuously offered during your experience at Salvatoré®.

7. What are the Salvatoré royalties?

The royalties are 8% of net sales paid weekly to ease budget.


8. What are the advertising's royalties?

The marketing royalties are 3,5% of net sales. In collaboration with Committee of advertising formed with Salvator鮑s franchisees elected by one’s peers, the Fonds de Publicité Salvatoré (FPS) manages the advertising royalties paid by the franchisees. The first goal of FPS: working to maximise the yield of each dollar invested in advertising.

9. What is the marketing support?

At PIZZA SALVATORÉ®, you are provided of an exceptional marketing support. In fact, a committee (composed of franchisees) manages the advertising. In advertising and marketing, you benefit by the constant support from the field consultant and from the head office’s marketing team. In addition to the franchiser’s marketing recommendations, promotional materials are constantly available to you. Moreover, franchisees also take advantage of advertizing agreement dealed by the Franchiser.

10. Is there any assurance program?

Salvatoré® is continuously searching for the best insurance protection at reasonable cost. Our franchisees have always stable price but also an exceptional service when it’s time to claim insurance indemnity.

11. What are the responsibilities of a franchisee?

The franchisee is responsible of :
    * The payment of initial franchise rights
    * Leasehold improvements
    * The operation of his/her restaurant, purchase of equipments and employment staffs
    * A payment of royalties of 8%
    * Payment of advertising royalties of 3,5%

12. What are the Franchiser services that are available?

The Franchiser provides you:
    * A system operations access and receipts,
    * An assistance into negotiation a lease,
    * An assistance in restaurant purchase and design,
    * An exceptional training session,
    * A detailed Franchisee’s Operation Manual manual with directives;
    * A support in restaurant as soon as it opens,
    * A periodic follow-up in restaurant and continuous support,
    * A periodic news bulletin,
    * A competitive marketing’s plan.

13. What is the support before the restaurant's opening?

As soon as you join the PIZZA SALVATORÉ®’s family, the head office will help you starting your project:
    * Training: an intensive session are dispensed at the head office and in restaurant in order to teach you every angles of operation of a Salvator鮑s restaurant.
    * Site research: PIZZA SALVATORÉ® works with you in order to find a site offering an excellent visibility and a good level of customers.
    * Restaurant design: PIZZA SALVATORÉ® gets you a complete plan manual covering all the aspects restaurant design.
    * Equipments: PIZZA SALVATORÉ® has established a list of equipment, adapted to the operations and the excellency of PIZZA SALVATORÉ®’s standard.


14. What is the support after the restaurant's opening?

As soon as your restaurant opening, our system and ours operation’s method have been created to ease simple and effective operations.
    * Franchisee’s Operation Manual: an operating manual that is detailed, vivid and filled of instructions and that will guide you in your day-to-day operations.
    * Supervision: Each month, you will be supervised by a field consultant. During these visits, the consultant will answer your questions and will help you reaching your goals.
    * Pizza Press: Each month, you will receive a newsletter of Salvatoré®’s franchisees talking about many subjects concerning directly yours operations.


15. About investment…


PIZZA SALVATORÉ® offers to enthusiastic businessmen and businesswomen, the lucrative opportunity to take expansion, at their pace, with a leader in restaurant business. See below some reasons why our costs are so low:
    * Our initial franchise fees are exceptionally low ;
    * Our modern decor is adapted to any type of architectural styles, so you will not spend a lot for leasehold improvements ;
    * Pieces of equipment that are well designed and adapted for operating efficiently and flexibly. operations.
    * Providing assistance to the Franchisee for the selection of restaurant location and lease negotiation.


The franchisee gains by PIZZA SALVATORÉ® fame at financial institutes easing the financial access for realizing his/her project.


Before starting in business, you want to know, among other questions, what are your possibiilties of profit that you’ll get from your business. In general, profitability shall depend upon :
    * the location of your restaurant
    * the way you’ll lead your business.
Since these date are unknown to us, make prediction on profit is impossible. That is the reason why we recommend you to contact actual franchisees. You’ll be able to make yourself your own opinion about it. Employees and PIZZA SALVATORÉ® agents have no right to establish profit and sale estimates.
That way, we avoid possible misunderstanding and establish better lasting relationship.