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Salvatoré®’s history | Culture

In 1964, Salvatoré Abbatiello and his family opened their first restaurant at St-Georges, in Beauce.  At the beginning, Beauce’s residents weren’t familiar with this product. At that time, the pizza wasn’t a well-known product for the Beaucerons.

However, at the opening, Salvatoré® Pizzeria has standed out quickly by the quality of its pizza, particularly, with the excellent recipe of its home-made pizza dough. Its reputation continued to increase in the restaurant environment and it far exceeded even the Quebec’s frontiers. Americans were coming regularly from Maine to Salvatoré Pizzeria.

Since 1987, the enterprise ensures his expansion by franchising. In few years only, Salvatoré® passes into status of family business at the one of structured commercial network. The chain has been established in the Quebec’s city and areas and continued its brilliant progress in many cities of the province.

Today, Salvatoré® has more than 12 restaurants in operation in the province of Quebec. Moreover, Salvatoré® proposes one of the franchise program that is one of the most adapted and structured than any other franchise program.

Salvatoré® is continually searching for new franchisees so as to consolidate its place of leader in the market. Who knows! Perhaps, a new Salvatoré® restaurant in your locality shall arise from your leadership!


Our mission: Each visit at our restaurant must be for for the customer a pleasant and memorable experience, in offering him/her the best ratio service/ quality / quantity/ price in the market!

Since over 45 years, Salvatoré® has for mission to offer to customers the best pizza at the lowest price, always insisting on very fast and considerate service.

A pizza, as healthy choice, that we are proud of!

At Salvatoré®, all ours efforts are dedicated to find ingredients of choice, synonymous with quality and health. Like you, we care about your health.

By wanting to contribute to the well-being of everyone, our team of experienced specialists does everything possible since over 45 years to research nutritious and tasty products that are preserved naturally. This is the reason why  we are proud to offer you those products as we offer them to our family.

So, to be the creator of a quality product for our customers becomes the pride of any of our franchisee.

Our concept

Delivery Service

Pizza Salvatoré® is the number one leader of pizza delivery in all cities where a Pizza Salvatoré® restaurant is located because Pizza Salvatoré® restaurants offer since 45 years and over, the best pizza, at the lowest price with considerate and very fast service. 

Dining room

For those who wish to eat their pizza in a warm and cosy family atmosphere, Pizza Salvatoré® offers you to have a meal in one of our dining rooms. We offer you cosy dining rooms with 20 to 250 places. We serve entire pizzas or pizza slices, French fries, salads, spaghettis, cookies and some other side meals. Try the “All-u-can-eat pizza”, that has made Pizza Salvatoré® famous over 45 years!